Tertipu Iblis.

2Kor. 11:14 Hal itu tidak usah mengherankan, sebab Iblispun menyamar sebagai malaikat Terang.

Banyaknya ajaran2 tentang jalan kesurga ini tentu mengharuskan kita waspada, karena Tuhan mengatakan hanya satu jalan kesurga yaitu Dia sendiri saja.

Adanya dua kekuatan dialam roh harus kita waspadai.Yang satu mengarahkan kita ke surga yang lain ke neraka.

Yang kesurga hanya satu jalannya, yang keneraka banyak jalan.

Orang sering terbalik dengan menggunakan pepatah banyak jalan ke roma.

Ke Roma memang banyak jalan tapi kesurga hanya satu saja.

Keneraka memang banyak jalan tapi kesurga hanya satu saja.

Ajaran2 agama didunia ini ibarat peta yang mengaku bisa memberi direction ke surga.

Namun berpedoman pada apa yang dikatakan Kristus, jalan menuju surga itu hanya satu. Artinya peta2 lain tidak akan mengantar kita kesurga.

Anehnya hasil penelitian yang dilakukan di amerika menunjukan hasil yang mengecewakan. 37% yang katanya evangelical tidak percaya Yesus satu2nya juru selamat. Yesus salah satu juru selamat saja kayak semboyan banyak jalan ke roma. 53 % kristen amerika tidak percaya Yesus satu2nya juru selamat.

Semboyan persatuan menipu kita semua seolah2 ada peta lain selain alkitab yang mengantar kita ke surga.
Peta2 itu tentu ditulis dan disajikan dengan kelemah lembutan, ekumene, persatuan persahabatan, tapi ujung2nya neraka.

Iblis tidak terlalu ceroboh dalam mempromosikan agendanya. Seolah2 demi kebaikan, demi kedamaian padahal sebenarnya demi neraka.

Alkitab mengatakan jangan heran. Ini pasti akan terjadi dan study menunjukan strategi ini sudah berhasil membohongi banyak orang di Amerika. Beberapa tahun lalu dipromosikan di Phoenix,az melalui koran bahwa akan ada pertemuan antar agama pembicara langsung dari Vatican. Semua pimpinan agama diundang pesta makan2 dan mendengar ceramah.

My response to this article might surprise some of you.

The article discusses a recent report which indicates that 37% of evangelicals rejected the claim that Jesus is the only way to heaven. 52% of American Christians agreed that religions other than Christianity can lead to eternal life. But what does this data mean? Should we moan and groan that Christians don’t understand the teachings of their own faith? Maybe, but I think there’s another side to the story.

There is no doubt, from the Bible, that absolutely nobody gets to heaven without Christ’s death and resurrection, both of which were necessary to reconcile man with God. The tougher question is this: how is Christ’s sacrifice applied to people who never hear the gospel?

I, for one, do not like this line of questioning in a survey or poll because it puts the Christian in an awkward position. The requirement that every person, whether they’ve heard the gospel or not, put their faith in Christ is a nuanced issue that requires some explanation and does not lend itself to multiple choice answers. It’s like being asked to describe God in five words or less. It can’t be done!

The truth is that we aren’t given specific knowledge of which other individuals are going to heaven and which aren’t because we don’t know other people’s hearts and minds. God doesn’t tell us. Many Christians act as if we do know, but we just don’t.

The New Testament teaches us that we should believe in Jesus for eternal life, and it says this over and over and over again (read the book of John if you don’t believe me). So we have this positive command, to believe in Jesus, and it is a clear and plain teaching that the biblical authors wanted to make sure we understood. Another clear teaching is that those who have heard of Christ and rejected Him are in eternal jeopardy. We can be sure of these truths.

The New Testament, on the other hand, does not spend a lot of time talking about followers of other world religions who have never heard of the authentic biblical Jesus. Theologians have tried to explain what happens to those who never hear, but none of these proposals warrant dogmatism because of the scant biblical evidence.

I know that God wants people to believe in Christ. I know that those who reject Christ will be separated from God. The Bible teaches those things clearly, but I don’t know, for sure, what happens when a person is unable to hear or respond to the gospel of Christ.

I believe that many Christians know John 14:6 and they know Romans 10:9, but some pollster calls them and puts them on the spot: “Is Jesus the only way to heaven?” Polls don’t allow for nuanced answers. They demand black and white answers, and frankly, I can sympathize with those being asked this difficult question, most of whom are not theologians who study this issue every day.

A much better question to put to Christians would be: “Does the Bible teach that believing in Jesus leads to eternal life?” I think the vast majority of Christians would answer “yes.”

A follow-up question could be: “Should Christians tell others about Jesus so that they, too, can have eternal life?” Again, I think a great percentage would say “yes.”

Let’s focus on what we know.