Mutasi virus dan penjelasan ilmiah

Banyak beredar informasi mutasi virus Corona yang menakutkan, benarkah demikian ?
Ternyata tidak demikian dan bisa jadi hanya menakut nakuti agar memuluskan penjualan dosis ke 3 tahun depan.

Quoted :
most mutations lead to no beneficial change in the protein properties at all. In fact, mutations that change the properties of a protein are more likely to weaken the virus than strengthen it. Those billions of years of molecular sculpting that allow proteins to be just the right shape to cooperate are not compatible with sudden mutations and radically different shapes. No additional abilities, no superpowers – typically the protein just no longer fits as it should. And if that protein is key to the virus infecting you? Good news! That particular virus particle can’t harm you and that mutated virus version dies out.