Diatomaceous earth

Bahan murah yang sudah saya coba membantu dalam kesehatan.

Katanya bahan ini mengandung silica yang menurunkan colesterol, menaikan daya tahan tubuh, sel kangker tidak bisa hidup dalam kadar silica tinggi.

membersikan usus dari parasit,

jangan sampai terhisap debu ini karena akan merusak paru2 kalau debunya terisap.

How Much Diatomaceous Earth to Get Rid of Parasites?

Moniece A. Robinson
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By Moniece A. Robinson, eHow Contributor
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Diatomaceous earth is a natural substance composed of small, fossilized microorganisms called diatoms. To the naked eye, this white, powdery substance seems smooth and uniform. In reality, the sharp shells of the diatoms work to penetrate insects’ exoskeletons and dehydrate them. For years, diatomaceous earth has been used as a natural means to control insects and parasites in the home and on the farm.
•Because of the microscopic size of the bits of diatom shells in diatomaceous earth, it is safe for humans and animals. When purchasing diatomaceous earth, look for food grade on the packaging. This is an indication that it has been produced for oral consumption.
Diatomaceous earth has a number of uses, including household and garden pest control. The sharp bits of shell can damage delicate lung tissue and should never be inhaled. Severe breathing problems can result from inhalation, so use of a mask is advised.
Parasite Control in Animals
•Farms use diatomaceous earth to treat and prevent internal parasites in their livestock. It also is a natural remedy for ridding dogs and cats of hook worms and other intestinal parasites. In either case, 1/2 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon of diatomaceous earth (depending on the animal’s weight) is mixed with food for a period of 60 to 90 days. After the infestation subsides, a daily dose can serve as a preventative measure. As an added bonus, diatomaceous earth lessens the odor in feces and repels flies.
Externally, the earth can be applied to the animal’s coat and bedding to deter fleas, ticks and other parasites. Again, make sure to protect the noses of both yourself and your animals during the application process.
Parasite Control in Humans
•Many processed foods have been laced with diatomaceous earth to help to safeguard products from bug infestations. This is especially true for flour, flour-based mixes and grains. This means that most of us have consumed this earth without even knowing it. The dosage for an adult is 1 tablespoon daily for 60 to 90 days. When mixed with water to create a suspension solution, adding sugar or another water soluble additive will help the two elements mix better for easier consumption.
This dosage is most effective when taken well before a meal. This gives the diatomaceous earth time to travel through the digestive system and absorb toxins. People taking the earth should stay hydrated to allow the digestive system to work at its highest level. It is safe to take during pregnancy. There is no way to overdose because the earth works physically, not chemically, to kill insects and parasites.